A Victory For Affirmative Action, And For Many Colleges A Sigh Of Relief

The nation's colleges and universities have been on pins and needles waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether race can be a factor in their admissions policies.And so today's 4-3 ruling upholding the affirmative-action program at the University of Texas at Austin brought a sigh of relief to much of the higher education world."The Supreme court has, for the fourth time in the last 40 years, said that if they do it carefully, institutions can consider race as part of admissions...
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Show Me Summer

Join us for our series "Show Me Summer". We're diving into all of those places in Southeast Missouri that mean something to you and your family.

Ian Livesey / https://www.flickr.com/photos/ianlivesey/

The experimental noise/punk/lo-fi band Deerhoof have a new album titled The Magic, and it was recorded over a 7-day period in the New Mexico desert. Three of songs that appear on this album were supposedly recorded for the HBO series Vinyl but were never used. I imagine that Deerhoof is just a little too out there for mainstream television audiences. 

Marissanne Lewis-Thompson/KRCU

From construction projects to new retail stores, the city of Jackson has seen a fair amount of changes in recent months. KRCU’s Marissanne Lewis-Thompson spoke with city of Jackson Mayor Dwain Hahs to talk about the meaning happenings in Jackson. Listen to the interview below.

Lewis-Thompson: Last month, construction began for the new roundabout at the intersection of Route 61 and Main Street. Can you give us an update about how the project has been going so far?

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The meatpacking plants that enable American consumers to find cheap hamburger and chicken wings in the grocery store are among the most dangerous places to work in the country. Federal regulators and meat companies agree more must be done to make slaughterhouses safer, and while there are signs the industry is stepping up its efforts, danger remains.

The rate of meatpacking workers who lose time or change jobs because they’re injured is 70 percent higher than the average for manufacturing workers overall, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law House Bill 1568. The new law will expand access to Naloxone, a lifesaving drug proven to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Under the new legislation, pharmacists are now able to sell and distribute naloxone commonly known by its brand name Narcan. In addition, anyone who administers the drug to an individual who has overdosed on an opioid will be protected from disciplinary actions. The law is set to take effect on August 28.


Do you have a loved one with dementia? Do you leave a conversation with them feeling dejected, impatient and irritable?

Good news…current research provides effective ways to communicate with patients with dementia that not only improve their quality of life, but also ease the frustration of caregivers and family.

More and more efforts are being made to help caregivers with what is known as “therapeutic communication.”

Two days of flash flooding across West Virginia have killed at least 14 people and seriously damaged or destroyed more than 100 homes, according to the governor.

The Brazilian laboratory that was designated to conduct drug testing for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro has been suspended by the World Anti-Doping Agency for not conforming to international standards.

News of the suspension came in a statement issued in Montreal. The decision can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport within 21 days.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

They were hoping to conquer their fears by walking over a bed of hot coals. But instead, dozens of people participating in a Dallas event hosted by motivational speaker Tony Robbins were treated for burns.

As a result of walking across coals, "a large number of these people sustained burn injuries to their feet and lower extremities," Jason Evans, a spokesman for the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department, said in a statement. Approximately 30-40 people were injured. Most elected to be treated at the scene, and five opted to go to a local hospital for evaluation.

Keyboardist and composer Bernie Worrell, who helped shape the sound of the band Parliament-Funkadelic and influenced countless artists across a wide range of genres, died Friday at 72.

Worrell announced earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer.

This much is certain: Friday was a lousy day to be a saver.

Thanks to United Kingdom voters who decided Thursday to exit the European Union, stock prices plunged all over the world.

Analysts said the so-called Brexit generated massive "uncertainty" that killed the appetite for stocks. No one knows what happens next as the entire U.K. — including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland — pulls away from the EU.

An Emotional Ending

2 hours ago

We're closing this show like any good TV show or movie — with "An Emotional Ending." Every answer in this round contains a word that is also a feeling or emotion. If we said, "It's an app where avians are flung across the screen at piggies," you'd answer, "Angry Birds."

Heard On Jeff Goldblum, Maika Monroe, 'Weird Al' Yankovic: 10 Out Of 10 Goldblums

Actor Jeff Goldblum is a busy guy. From hunting down dinosaurs in Jurassic Park to fighting aliens in Independence Day, he has done it all. But, as he tells host Ophira Eisenberg, these days he is learning the ropes of a completely new role-- father to his one-year-old son, Charlie Ocean, who was born, believe it or not, on July 4th.


2 hours ago

We've mashed up the names of famous people with common text messaging abbreviations. If we said, "You'll be 'Laughing Out Loud' when you hang out with this rapper and 'N-C-I-S Los Angeles' actor," you'd answer, "L-O-L-L Cool J."

Heard On Jeff Goldblum, Maika Monroe, 'Weird Al' Yankovic: 10 Out Of 10 Goldblums


Ian Livesey / https://www.flickr.com/photos/ianlivesey/

Left Of The Dial #151 - Loud Places

The experimental noise/punk/lo-fi band Deerhoof have a new album titled The Magic, and it was recorded over a 7-day period in the New Mexico desert. Three of songs that appear on this album were supposedly recorded for the HBO series Vinyl but were never used. I imagine that Deerhoof is just a little too out there for mainstream television audiences. In typical Deerhoof fashion The Magic doesn't nestle easily within defined genres, but the band has cited the music of their childhood, which is...
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As Heard on Ask Me Another

Celine Di-On It!

Kimiko Glenn was in the midst of watching Netflix's Orange Is The New Black when she was called in to audition. She was so nervous, it was all she could do to just get the words out. The next afternoon, Glenn landed the role of inmate Brook Soso, the free-spirit activist who's arrested for living in a tree to protest logging. Her first day on set started at 6 a.m. the following morning.When Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg asked how she managed to get into character on such short notice,...
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As Heard on the TED Radio Hour

What Is A Nudge?

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode NudgeHow can a simple adjustment - a nudge - change our behavior for the better? Professor Richard Thaler says his "nudge theory" can make it easier for people to save money, eat healthily and more.About Richard ThalerUniversity of Chicago professor Richard Thaler studies behavioral economics and finance as well as the psychology of decision-making.Thaler's 2008 bestseller, Nudge, co-written with Cass Sunstein, explores how concepts of behavioral economics...
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As Heard on Fresh Air

What It's Like To Be A Part Of The 'Vanishing Middle Class'

When it was hot, the bill my mother wouldn't pay was the gas one. This meant peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and, also, dinner peanut butter sandwiches, or fruit or anything else good that didn't have to be cooked or refrigerated.In the colder months, her neglected bill of choice was the electric, which meant reverting to an agrarian sleeping schedule, up at dawn, down at sunset and candlelight, despite the fact that the larger city of Philadelphia...
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