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Photo Gallery: Take A Look Inside The New Cape Girardeau Police Headquarters, Open House Dates

The Cape Girardeau Police Department recently moved from their previous location on Sprigg Street to their new headquarters located at 2530 Maria Louise Lane . Open houses have now been scheduled for the public to view the police department’s new home. Through voter-approval of the Fire Sales Tax and Public Safety Trust Fund in 2014, as well as funds from both the Casino revenue and Restaurant Tax, the city was able to begin a long-needed project for a new station and municipal court....

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Cindy Gannon Walk for Women Series: Krumrey Surpasses 300 Career Strikeouts

This week’s Two Minute Drill is the second in a four-part Cindy Gannon Walk for Women series, highlighting the accomplishments of our women student-athletes and coaches. Senior pitcher Madeline Krumrey went over 300 career strikeouts as the Southeast Missouri softball team swept Indiana State in a doubleheader Tuesday, March 13, at the Southeast Softball Complex, the first home games for the Redhawks this season.

Krumrey caught ISU leadoff hitter Leslie Sims looking on strikes...

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Congressional Republicans say they still support special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference even as the president continued his offensive Sunday against the investigation, as well as a recently fired high-ranking FBI official, Andrew McCabe.

Trump sent a flurry of tweets Sunday morning, in which he painted the Mueller-led special counsel probe as a politically biased witch hunt.

Cape Chamber

Wish I had a dollar for every time I hear: What we really need are more high tech jobs.

Certainly, I agree with the statement. The Technology Sector, while sometimes hard to define, is an important part of our national economy. Capitalizing on that is a key component to any economic development plan. And we have work to do.

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Step outside this week and discover nature as zebra swallowtail butterflies emerge and grace our woodland areas.

When searching for inspiration, many famous writers step outside to discover nature and write down their finds. Joseph Warton described the butterfly as “Nature’s completest miniature divine.” It’s easy to imagine him strolling through a wooded area before he wrote his Verses on a Butterfly.

Robert Frost described butterflies as “flowers that fly and all but sing” in his poem, "Blue-Butterfly Day."

Reconnecting With Childhood Friends

5 hours ago

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Spot Fake News By Making It

5 hours ago

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Childhood obesity was on the decline, or so it seemed. Both scientific journals and media outlets, including from NPR, reported within the last few years that its numbers were moving down.


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Left Of The Dial #113 - The '94 Sound

This week we're delving into another specific year from music's past: the momentous one of 1994. In pop culture Nintendo had declared it the “ year of the cartridge ” but Sony countered by releasing the Playstation , which of course used CDs. " Ice " beers were an attempt to get slightly more alcohol into a can. Marvel canceled The Sensational She-Hulk , concluding the humorous run with the hero making good on her Issue #1 threat . It was also a good year for music, despite the definitive...

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Focus on Southeast

You can watch the latest edition of the program featuring Dr. Vargas on our YouTube Channel.

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'Russian Roulette' Authors Seek To Connect The Dots Between Trump And Putin

For more than a year now, journalists Michael Isikoff and David Corn have been devoted to covering the Trump campaign's ties to Russia. Isikoff was the first reporter to reveal that there was a U.S. intelligence investigation into Russian ties to a figure in the Trump campaign — Carter Page . Corn was the first to reveal the existence of the infamous Russia dossier, the unverified collection of reports alleging connections between the Trump campaign and Russia compiled by former British...

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