Cigna to buy St. Louis-based Express Scripts

Updated at 5 p.m., with comments from an industry analyst — Health-insurance giant Cigna has agreed to purchase the St. Louis-based pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts. The deal, which has already been approved by the boards of both companies, is worth about $67 billion, according to press releases .

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Is Gun Violence a Health Issue?

Is gun violence a health issue? Epidemiologists like Nancy Krieger, at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, say yes. In 2015 she told NPR, “We in public health count dead people. And we count them in order to understand how to prevent preventable deaths.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not been able to study gun violence in order to prevent deaths since 1996 when congress passed an amendment, forbidding the use of federal money for research to “advocate or...

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In the early 1990s, Michael Franti led the influential and provocative band The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. The band was political, sometimes angry and the furthest thing from being a hit-maker. But in 2009, Franti did in fact score a hit with a song called "Say Hey." It reached the Billboard Top 20. Though his sound may have changed, his message hasn't.

For 40 years, Barret Hansen, known on the airwaves as "Dr. Demento," has broadcast everything weird in the music world. The Dr. Demento Show has become a cult radio institution, providing an outlet for what Demento describes as "mad music and crazy comedy." This past month, the show has finally gone off the air.


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Left Of The Dial #563 - Make Me Hear

This week we'll hear new music from a couple of '90s-era bands, the underappreciated Belly, and Eels. I can't ever think about Eels without thinking about an episode of the PBS program Nova that I watched, titled "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives." The show had a segment about Eels member Mark Everett's father, the physicist Hugh Everett , who Mark had found dead at the age of 18. It's particularly moving, and worth chasing down. I think I watched it on Netflix but that was years ago. Left of...

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Focus on Southeast

You can watch the latest edition of the program featuring Dr. Vargas on our YouTube Channel.

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John Oliver Finds Humor In The News No One Wants To Hear About John Oliver jokes that his satirical news show, HBO's Last Week Tonight, does a 22-minute deep dive on news that "no one in their right mind wants to hear about." In recent weeks, the show has covered, among other things, the Italian parliamentary elections and NRA TV , an Internet channel with NRA programming. "We like the idea of not just regurgitating stuff people have already seen," Oliver says. "The truth is, if you dig deep enough on anything,...

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