Courtesy of: Joey Keys/SEMO Food Bank

A now-official partnership between the Southeast Missouri Food Bank and the Southeast Correctional Center’s Restorative Justice Program is helping to get fresh produce to the food insecure of the region.

Fresh produce is one of the hardest food items to secure for food banks, which is why inmates at the center, located in Charleston, manage a seven-acre “justice garden” on-site, and donate the reaped produce to the SEMO Food Bank.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will hold a pesticide collection event in Perryville next month.

Part of a free program by the DNR, the event collects unwanted pesticides from farmers and homeowners across the state.

Chris Plassmeyer, pesticide collection program coordinator, says a good rule of thumb is if the pesticide has been sitting on the shelf for over a year unused, it’s time to say goodbye.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Yesterday, the Missouri Department of Agriculture announced 16 new initiatives under their MORE Strategic Vision. The platform is aimed at looking for ways to improve issues communities face throughout Missouri with opportunities through agriculture. We spoke to MDA state director, Chris Chinn, on these new initiatives and how they might improve communities here in southeast Missouri.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Working our way into spring, we may see more wildlife in unexpected places: bird nests on the porch, a few bunnies in our flower beds. As cute as they may be, the Missouri Department of Conservation advises us to leave the babies be. Joe Jerek, News Services Coordinator for the MDC, says the absence of animal parents could make their young seem abandoned, when they're actually not. 

Missouri Department of Conservation

Nearly three months after the close of deer season, the Missouri Department of Conservation has reported seven positive cases of chronic wasting disease, also known as CWD, in Perry (1)  and Ste. Genevieve (6) counties. CWD is a fatal illness among deer, and is reportedly spreading. Despite a lack in evidence that CWD is a risk to humans, public health officials advise against exposing yourself to it.