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Southeast Missouri State University’s Department of Agriculture announced on Wednesday that it will partner with Lincoln University to work together on courses, research and outreach.

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If you see tomato vines or pepper plants sprouting in Cape Girardeau parks this summer, there is a good chance Robert Harris, Jr has been there. Harris has planted seven gardens in Cape Girardeau parks, starting in 2002. 

Harris finds different partners to help him plant each garden. On Wednesday, he was joined by a half a dozen people at Washington Park to start a new one. Harris said there is a need for the gardens in the community. 

If you are a fan of wine, particularly European wines, from France, Italy or Germany, you can be proud of the role Missouri plays in creating that wine.

Ever since the mid-1800s roots from Missouri grapes have been grafted on to European varieties, because of their natural resistance to certain pests.

Corn Plantings Still Behind Schedule

May 14, 2013
This year, Missouri has reported a 28% decrease in corn crop yields due to the devastating summer drought.
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Chilly temperatures and wet conditions have put farmers behind schedule this year. Only 28 percent of Missouri’s corn acres and 17 percent of Illinois’ have been planted. By comparison, both states’ farmers had planted over 90 percent of their acres at this point last year.

Indi Braden is an agriculture professor at Southeast Missouri State University. She said the weather has not been cooperating.

Soggy Weather Delays Crop Planting

May 7, 2013
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This spring’s wet weather has prevented many farmers from getting into the fields.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported earlier this week that just 7% of the Illinois corn crop has been planted.

In Missouri it’s 22% which is still far below the average.

National Corn Growers Association vice president Paul Bertels says before long the delay will affect farmers’ bottom lines.

“Typically in this area what we say is every day after about May 15 that you delay planting you lose about a bushel per day,” Bertels said.