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History is full of famous duos -- Romulus and Remus, Gilbert and Sullivan, Batman and Robin. But of all the prominent pairs over the ages perhaps my favorite is Ben and Jerry.

That's because the ice cream produced by that Vermont institution is the closest to homemade of any store-bought brand I know. And what could be better during the hot summer months than a scoop of homemade ice cream? (Unless it's two scoops).

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This week I'm playing the latest album from the massive Toronto indie rock collective Broken Social Scene. Hug of Thunder has 18 musician credits on it, and I thought it would be fun to see how far I could take the show along just playing Broken Social Scene and its associated acts. It turns out filling up an hour was easy-peasy so that's I've done, no particular rhyme, reason, or ranking, just an hour of awesome tunes. 

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This week we're playing the new album from Waxahatchee, the moniker of Katie Crutchfield, titled Out In The Storm. It's unapologetically a breakup album, but it finds optimism in heartache. A lot of people are writing about it this week, but the best comments come from Katie Crutchfield's twin sister and longtime musical collaborator Alison Crutchfield, by way of this interview conducted by The Mothership.

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In this weeks episode of Reel Talk, Collin and Peter wrap up the month June in film. What was the big news coming out in the month, what were the standout films, how did new trailers go over, and  what is the status of the  box office for the month and year? Also, Collin and Peter give an announcement on the status of Reel Talk and its future. Here about all of this, on this weeks episode of Reel Talk, we'll see you at the movies.

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Our world is filled with endless curiosities that can’t always be explained. However, they can be explored. Artists nationwide explored their curiosities for sci-fi, fantasy and the surreal in the Flights of Fantasy exhibit at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri. Sara Moore, director for the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri joined KRCU's Marissanne Lewis-Thompson in the studio to talk about this and what people can look forward to from the art community.