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Southeast Missouri State University

Music, music, and more music is filling the halls at the River Campus this week.

Southeast is fortunate to get world class musicians from all over on its stages and some of them even work here. New professors Joseph Jefferson and Sophia Hahn join Southeast to teach jazz and violin, respectively. You can hear their talents for yourself on Friday, September 22 but we caught up with them to talk about their concert and music in general. 

Courtesy of Rev. Renita Marie Green

Missouri has found itself in the center of an ongoing conversation on racial issues in America once again. Over the weekend, people hit the streets in protest after former St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty of first degree murder when he shot and killed Anthony Lamar Smith, a black man in St. Louis.


j. carl brown / KRCU

It's the stuff of legend. Malibu, California, 1976, Neil Young sits down with a guitar and records an album’s worth of material, largely unheard until now. Hitchhiker contains a lot of songs that have since been released with a full band arrangement, but this unearthed audio document offers those songs at their intimate core, and provides insight into Young’s songwriting process. 

Photo Credit: Ana D

Sept. 15 marks the start of National Hispanic Heritage month. Shared between two months, it celebrates the contributions of Hispanic Americans. Debbie Lee-DiStefano, a professor of Spanish in the department of modern languages, anthropology and geography at Southeast Missouri State University tells us about it and what activities you can look forward to in Cape Girardeau.


On what Hispanic Heritage month is

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The new exhibition “Reconstructed/Reconceptualized” examines the link between the banjo and African string instruments. Ahead of the exhibition’s opening at the Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum, KRCU’s Marissanne Lewis-Thompson spoke with its creator Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, an associate professor of fine arts at Southern Illinois University to find out exactly what that link is.


On what the link is between the banjo and African string instruments