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The Mile High Gliding facility at the Boulder Airport in Colorado is one of Carol Fiore's favorite haunts. And it's a perfect day for flying: clear, breezy and with a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains.

Fiore used to fly gliders regularly, but a few years ago she stopped. Flying them had become painful.

"I felt, in a way, that I was searching for something that wasn't there," Fiore says. "I was looking for that laughter and that incredible time that I had flying with Eric, and he wasn't in the plane with me. I was by myself."

The silent comedy-action classic “The General” – starring Buster Keaton is coming to Mineral Area College. The film is considered one of the greatest train films of all time.

The showing of the film is being hosted by the Mineral Area Council on the Arts (MACOA). Director Roxanne Cummings says the film is an action movie that also features a love story. It is set during the Civil War where a southern train ("The General) is stolen by the northern army and Keaton's character spends the movie trying to get the train back.

Cape Girardeau is the city where the river turns a thousand tales and to go along with that theme, Cape Girardeau will once again host two renowned storytellers.

Cape Girardeau has hosted storytellers for five years now and in 2013, organizers are taking a different approach to the storytelling events to fit the busy schedules of those that would like to attend.

Karate Body Records

The latest EP by Louisville-based band Wax Fang is titled “Mirror, Mirror” and singer/guitarist Scott Carney says having just read a collection of short stories by the Argentine magical realist author Jorge Luis Borges influenced the themes explored on it.

“He was not a fan of mirrors,” Carney said. “He was afraid of them or something, because they multiplied people.”

Flash in the Pan!

Jan 7, 2013

Below are recipes from the January cooking demonstration at Schnucks, hosted by Tom Harte and Georganne Syler.