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Reel Talk: July Wrap Up

Aug 15, 2017
Shane Burke

Jason Brown / KRCU

This week we're playing the music of Vagabon, which is the moniker of Lætitia Tamko. Tamko uploaded some songs to bandcamp not expecting much, got invited to play a famous underground music venue in New York, and realized while there that a musician didn’t have to be perfect be successful.

In 2016, the Marcus Theatres franchise bought Cape West 14 Cine in Cape Girardeau, and introduced $5 movie days to the theater. Now, 6 auditoriums are under construction as a beginning phase of a total remodel by the company, which includes replacing the old seating with recliners, a special theater featuring heated seats, a larger movie screen, and a “Take 5” sports lounge. A new food menu, Zaffiro’s Express, will include pizza, sandwiches, and desserts.


Adam Kissick / NPR

This week on the show we're featuring sets recorded at the 2017 Newport Folk Festival, thanks to NPR Music. Named as a folk music festival its focus is certainly on the broad spectrum of the genre, but has also come to embrace all kinds of bands and musicians. In 1965 the festival was the event that Bob Dylan famously went electric at, provoking much controversy but undoubtedly leaving a mark both on the festival and on folk music. 


Jul 31, 2017
flickr user Aleksandar Cocek (

While he was Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great had his ambassador deliver a gift of fine caviar to Louis XV, King of France.  When, with great ceremony, the young monarch tasted his first mouthful of the precious stuff, he became nauseated and promptly spit it out on the carpet at Versailles.

These days even a royal might think twice about such unmannerly behavior, for caviar is, as Inga Saffron notes in her detailed history of those fabulous fish eggs, “the world’s most coveted delicacy.”