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Testifying about a request for a protective order against him, race car driver Kurt Busch told a Dover, Del., court this week that his former girlfriend is an assassin. Patricia Driscoll, who dated Busch for four years, requested the order last November, shortly after their relationship ended.

Driscoll has also filed a criminal complaint against Busch, alleging that he grabbed her and slammed her head into the wall of his motor coach at Dover International Speedway last fall. Busch denies those claims, which the authorities have been considering separately.

Seven-year-old Sailor Gutzler survived a plane crash this weekend in Lyon County, Kentucky, but lost her parents, Marty and Kimberly; her older sister, Piper and cousin Sierra Wilder.

Kentucky State Police Lt. Brent White says when Sailor emerged from the upside-down twin-engine to find help, she was in the middle of the woods, with no houses – or help – in sight.


Fewer prisoners were executed in 2014 in the United States than in any year for the last two decades. Thirty-five executions were performed throughout the country, according to an annual reporter from the Death Penalty Information Center.

However, Missouri bucked the trend of fewer executions, tying with Texas in leading the country in executions, closely followed by Florida. The Show Me State executed 10 prisoners this year, the most the state has ever executed in a single year.

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Charges were set aside earlier this week in a case involving a Bonne Terre mother who was facing deportation.

Komdown “Dow” Boyer legally came to the United States from Thailand when she was 9 years old. Her stepfather was an American soldier and she spent most of her life on military bases. When she turned 18 she could have applied for citizenship, but she assumed her parents had done that for her and therefore thought she was a U.S. citizen.

City of Cape Girardeau / Cape Girardeau Police Department

Officers from the Cape Girardeau Police Department say there are many benefits to body worn cameras and they have seen the benefits for a long time. The department began looking into getting car or body worn cameras over a year ago.

According to corporal Darin Hickey, the cameras can capture any involvement with an individual and record evidence the officer may have overlooked.

“It’s just another set of eyes that the officer would be wearing,” Hickey explained.