Missouri Minimum Wage Increases Next Year

Nov 15, 2012

The minimum wage will increase by 10 cents next year. That's the kind of increase the Missouri Chamber of Commerce would like to stop.

In a 2006 ballot measure, Missouri voters linked the minimum wage with inflation.

During the past few years, the state minimum wage has equaled the federal minimum, but inflation will push it higher to 7 dollars and 35 cents next year.

Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman Karen Buschmann says some employers might leave the state in search of lower rates.

Gas Prices Continue To Drop Across Missouri

Nov 14, 2012
Samantha Powers / KRCU

On Tuesday the state averaged $3.12 per gallon, third lowest average in the country, behind South Carolina and Oklahoma.

Missouri’s Unemployment Rate Remains Below National Average

Nov 14, 2012
Google / U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

October job reports show Missouri's unemployment rate is still below the national average. It remains at 6.9% in the month of October.

St. Louis Secures More NCAA Games

Nov 13, 2012
MBK (Marjie) / Flickr

The Scottrade Center will once again be the site of a slice of March Madness action in 2014. It will mark the second time in a dozen years that St. Louis will host second and third-round games.  All told, March Madness has come to St. Louis 20 times in its history.

Sam Powers / KRCU

The lingering effects of this year’s drought may bring Mississippi River commerce to a screeching halt next month.  Water flows from the Missouri River will decrease in late November and early December, and that could put Mississippi River navigation in peril.