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Propane shortages in the Midwest last winter caused prices to reach a record high and left many homes without heat. With winter on its way, propane users are wondering if the shortage and skyrocketing prices will happen again.

Energy economist and program director at the Bureau of Economic Geology’s Center for Energy Economics at the University of Texas, Michelle Foss, said that right now, the outlook for this winter is good. The prices for the Midwest through the next several months are much lower than last year.

Cottonwood To Be Privatized And Will Stay Open

Sep 18, 2014
Brittany Myers / KRCU

The Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center will not close its doors after all, but the facility’s future will look much different than its past.

Missouri Women Earn 75% of Men

Sep 9, 2014
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For more than 100 years, women have been fighting to end the pay gap between men and women in the workplace. Women still have a long way to, according to a recent study conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. In Missouri, women earn 75% of men in the workplace and overall scored a D+ in the United States for women’s pay rate.

Missouri had the biggest decline in the United States for women’s pay rate. It moved from an overall ranking of 19 from 2006 to a ranking of 38 in 2014.

USDA: Missouri Hunger Is On The Rise

Sep 5, 2014
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Food insecurity continues to rise in Missouri and it is exacerbating the hunger crisis in the Show Me State, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Missouri and Tennessee are tied for the second-highest food insecurity growth rate in the nation, after Nevada.

The study showed that 16.9 percent -- or one in six -- Missouri households struggled with hunger last year. The national average for the rate of food insecurity is around 14 percent.

Executives with Noranda, the aluminum-smelting operation in southeast Missouri, are following through with their threats of cutbacks as a result of the Public Service Commission’s refusal to cut their electric bill.

Noranda now plans to lay off up to  200 workers over the next six months at its New Madrid plant, and is suspending its planned $30 million expansion project, said  chief executive Kip Smith at a news conference Tuesday.