Ruler Foods To Open Next Week

Aug 28, 2014
Jacob McCleland / KRCU

The new Ruler Foods store on William Street in Cape Girardeau will open next Thursday.

Ruler Foods is a discount grocery store owned by Kroger. Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce vice president Tim Arbeiter says it’s comparable to Aldi’s.

“This would be a Krogers version of that, looking at most of the Kroger brands and value-type brands in the store,” Arbeiter said. “It would be more in that Aldi category.” 

The grocery store will go into the old DuShell’s Furniture store on William Street. Arbeiter said crews finishing work on the store.

Cup ‘n’ Cork Moves To New Location

Aug 20, 2014
Cup 'n' Cork / Cup 'n' Cork

Cup ‘n’ Cork’s aficionados will be happy to learn that the coffeehouse and bistro is moving to a bigger location a few blocks away. The business will close its current doors on Main Street on August 30th and will reopen on September 2nd at the new location at 11 S. Spanish Street.

Downtown Cape Girardeau’s coffee house owners said they decided to move because the new spot is a bigger and better place.

Cairo Reaches Agreement With Medical Marijuana Grower

Aug 1, 2014
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Cairo may become the home of one of Illinois’ 22 medical marijuana grow operations.

Area 51 Growers, based in New Athens, Ill. and Sikeston, Mo., has reached an agreement with the city to install a $4 million medical marijuana cultivation facility on 10 acres of municipally-owned land. The company will lease the land from the city for 5 percent of its earnings, and put another 5 percent into a non-profit company that will fund community programs like drug treatment centers, food banks, school supply drives and high school dropout prevention. 

Supporters Rally Against Cottonwood Closure

Jul 30, 2014
Brittany Myers / KRCU

Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center is expected to close its doors on December 31st, but people are fighting against it.

Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, plans to close the facility to balance the state's budget. He blames tax cuts in the Republican-led legislature for the decision. Nixon vetoed the tax cut legislation.

However, the fight to save Cottonwood is not over as people show their support for the residential care center.

Zzyxzaa26 / Wikipedia

Jackson city officials announced today that FEMA has approved additional funding for the new Jackson Community Center.

The project will overall cost $5 million and the City revealed in a press release that the amount of the grant award is now of $3,361,685, instead of the initial $2,400,000.  

Jackson’s Mayor Barbara Lohr said the cost of the Tornado Safe Room portion of the new community center turned out to be higher than anticipated in the original grant application.