Southeast Celebrates National Entrepreneurship Week

Feb 22, 2013
Southeast Missouri State University

National Entrepreneurship Week is once again in full swing at Southeast Missouri State University.

The idea is to pursue what you love to do and make a business from it. That’s the message of the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, a group of young entrepreneurs who have come together to share their success stories, according to Tour Manager Laura MacMinn.

“It is really hard work, and it is failing, and it is learning, and it is figuring out what you want to do with your life and applying business concepts to it,” MacMinn said.

Mo. Bill Would Encourage ‘Evolution Dialogue’ In Classroom

Feb 22, 2013
brentdanley / Flickr

Legislation moving through the Missouri House would require state and local-level public school officials to encourage classroom discussion on the, quote, “strengths and weaknesses” of evolution.

The sponsor, GOP House Member Andrew Koenig of St. Louis County, says the bill stresses academic freedom.

“It does not mandate curriculum to the teacher,” Koenig said. “It’s really up to the school district, and if evolution is gonna be taught, it just allows them to teach the scientific strengths and weaknesses.”

DESE Backs President’s Pre-K Proposal

Feb 20, 2013
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Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education supports President Obama’s new Universal Pre-K proposal. The proposed program is still under development.

Proponents cite numerous studies that show children respond well to learning at younger ages. It fosters a better student for future teachers, and a higher rate of graduation.

Sarah Potter is the Communications Coordinator with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. She says this program is a welcome addition to the existing school system.

Southeast Missouri State University's Academic Hall
Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University is considering outsourcing their bookstore and textbook rental services.  

Vice President for Finance and Administration Kathy Mangels says no decision has been made, but the university has accepted three vendor bids: Barnes & Noble, Follett, and The University of Missouri Bookstore. The three vendors will have open forums on campus to address any questions or concerns.

Mangels says the university is looking to accommodate rapidly advancing technology into their textbook services.

Nixon Releases Money For Higher Ed; Committee Recommends Performance-Based Funding

Feb 5, 2013
Southeast Missouri State University's Academic Hall
Southeast Missouri State University

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon reversed the budget cut he made last summer to Missouri’s colleges and universities on Monday. The Governor says improvements in the state’s revenue picture made it possible to release $8.4 million that had been withheld from the state’s Higher Education system.  Meanwhile, he’s still withholding nearly $6 million from other wings of state government.

“While the revenue numbers are certainly good this month, we’ll continue to watch and see if we have continuingly good numbers and make decisions on those as we move forward,” Nixon said.