When a student placed a skunk in Jackson High School in 1938, principal Mark Scully took matters into his own hands. In the picture above, the skunk is played by an actor and is not the skunk in question.
Southeast Missouri State University

In the fall of 1938 Mark Scully was named the principal of Jackson High School in Jackson, Missouri. Young Mark Scully said that his days as principal and teacher in Jackson were some of the most enjoyable of his 47 year career. Well…all but one.

Early one morning in the late autumn of 1941, Scully opened the door to the high school and immediately recognized the powerful odor of a skunk – the smell penetrating every corner of the building.

Dan Woods / KRCU

Cape Girardeau has a connection with Haiti. We had the opportunity to talk with Sam Darguin, the Executive Director of the Haitian American Caucus and is also a Haitian Rotarian. He was in Cape Girardeau the week of September 28, 2015, visiting area Rotary Clubs to talk about the work of the HAC and it's partnership with the Zonta Club of Cape Girardeau.

It seems like Almost Yesterday that Allen Laws Oliver of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, became the national president of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Born in 1886 when his parents, R. B. and Marie Oliver, lived in Jackson, Missouri, young Allen Oliver was educated in the local schools, at Southeast Missouri Normal School, and then, in the family tradition, received a law degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia. 

Catapult Creative House — Southeast Missouri State University’s creative arts and industries incubator at 612 S. Broadway — will open its doors May 1 providing a mechanism to drive the entrepreneurial mind-set of today’s students.

Leah Powers, Operations Manager of Catapult Creative House, describes it as a student learning labs incubator. 

“It’s a space that students from all disciplines within the university can learn how to be an entrepreneur and do their own business.”

The Harold Holmes Dugger Lecture is an annual talk given in honor of a former member of the history department at Southeast Missouri State University. Every year the history department brings in a new speaker to deliver the lecture which covers a different topic every year.

This year, the lecture will be given by Christopher Phillips, professor of history at the University of Cincinnati. The lecture will focus on cultural politics of Civil War memory in Missouri and the Middle Border.