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Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Thousands of school kids decked out in custom made eclipse shirts and countless people from all over the region filled the bleachers at a packed Houck Stadium on Monday to see the celestial event of the year. Some students came from as far as Risco, Mo. to see the total solar eclipse in Cape Girardeau.

With hours to go before the main event, two high-altitude weather balloons were launched into the stratosphere from the field. The balloons were part of a collaboration between the university and Space Center Houston-Manned Space Flight Education Foundation.

Courtesy of Eric Cunningham

Eric Cunningham is the city attorney for Cape Girardeau. But not too long ago, he spent his spare time trekking the globe as an eclipse chaser. It’s a journey that started nearly 40 years ago in 1979 as a student at the University of Missouri. He didn’t get a chance to see the eclipse, but it didn’t stop him from spending countless hours and years tracking others down. Although his days of chasing eclipses are somewhat behind him, come Monday Cunningham won’t have to go too far to see another one.

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Aug 20, 2017

On this week’s episode of KRCU’s Going Public, Eric Cunningham, the City Attorney for Cape Girardeau, joins us to talk about his experience as an eclipse chaser. We’ll hear about the very first time he saw an eclipse in Bolivia, why planning is key, and the time he took his family along on one of his adventures. Then we’ll learn about what exactly is happening to the moon during the moments leading up to the eclipse.


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The Great American Eclipse is a little more than a week away, and while you’re thinking about how you’ll be spending that time watching it, you should be more concerned about how you’ll be protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun. KRCU’s Lindsey Grojean spoke with Dr. Kyle Brost, senior optometrist at Brost and Associates, about the effects an eclipse could have on your eyes, and how to keep them safe.


So what do you recommend people do if they’re going to be watching the eclipse?



SoutheastHEALTH added a new robotic surgical system to their Urology field. They’re the first hospital in the region to implement the Da Vinci Xi Surgical System. It’s the third and newest generation of its kind by Intuitive Surgical. This is also the second Da Vinci Xi system in Missouri to be used in a community-based hospital setting.


The Da Vinci Xi performs minimally invasive surgical procedures, resulting in less need for pain medication, fewer complications, smaller incisions, and a faster recovery time for patients.