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White Nose Syndrome Spreads To Missouri

Feb 2, 2013
Marvin Moriarty / Missouri Department of Conservation

A bat-killing fungus first found in New York is now in Missouri.

A bat with White Nose Syndrome was confirmed in Crawford County on January 25.

White Nose Syndrome was first found in 2006 and has exploded across the east. Missouri is the westernmost of the nineteen states where scientists have found the disease.

Ann Froschauer is a spokesperson for White Nose Syndrome in bats for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She says the fungus attacks bats during hibernation.

Drought Could Slow Japanese Beetle Spread

Jan 30, 2013

Local plants might find a silver lining with the recent drought.

The Japanese beetle, an invasive species with no natural predators and no simple way to kill off, can be affected by the recent dry weather. This could be a boon for gardeners who otherwise have no good way to fight off this growing pest. Without a natural predator, a species like this will continue to grow and thrive.

Missouri Department of Conservation’s Forest Entomologist Rob Lawrence says the dry weather affects their larval stages the most.

Why Missouri Is Falling Short On Children's Dental Health

Jan 27, 2013
Dave Buchwald / Wikimedia Commons

The Pew Charitable Trust’s Center on the States recently released a report or oral health that didn’t speak too highly of Missouri. On an A through F scale, it gave the state a D for its efforts to provide access to dental sealants for high-need kids. Dental sealants are plastic coatings put on children’s molars after they first come in that help prevent decay.

In Order To Live With People, Canines Evolved To Love Carbs

Jan 24, 2013

These days, a trip down the dog food aisle of your local pet store or supermarket can be a little overwhelming. There are hundreds of brands out there, catering to – let's be honest – every dog owner's taste: everything from generic kibble to organic nuggets.

There are even dog food cookbooks and specialty gourmet shops for people who want their pets to eat as well – or better – than they do.

How did we get here? The first step happened thousands of years ago, when meat-eating wolves evolved to tolerate people – and their more starchy, plant-based diet.

New Ballooning Record Set In Antarctica

Jan 23, 2013
Washington University

Scientists set a new ballooning record Wednesday in Antarctica. The two-ton Super TIGER balloon has now been afloat for 45 days, breaking the previous record on the frozen continent. The balloon carries equipment that collects data about cosmic rays from deep in the universe.