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This year, Missouri has reported a 28% decrease in corn crop yields due to the devastating summer drought.
Samantha Powers / KRCU

Missouri was stuck with some historically extreme weather in 2012, according to Missouri State Climatoligist Dr. Pat Guinan. It was the hottest year on record for Missouri, and 2012 was the driest since 1980.

University Of Missouri Reseacher Receives National Medal Of Science

Dec 28, 2012

A University of Missouri researcher is one of only a dozen recipients of this year’s National Medal of Science, announced by President Obama this week.

The McDonald's at the Truman Medical Centers' main campus in Kansas City, Mo., has closed, ending an epic, two-decade stint inside the hospital and making it the fifth health facility in the past few years to give the Big Mac the boot.

Region To Be Hit By Potentially Crippling Blizzard

Dec 24, 2012
National Weather Service

The National Weather Service in Paducah has issued a Blizzard Watch for much of southeast Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky for Christmas night and Wednesday morning.

The rain snow line will stretch from New Madrid, Missouri to Paducah, Kentucky to Evansville, Indiana.

Natural gas may have reshaped the domestic energy market in 2012, lowering energy prices and marginalizing the coal industry, but America's shale boom hasn't undermined renewables.

In fact, while analysts were paying attention to fracking this year, a record number of solar panels were being slapped on roofs — enough to produce 3.2 gigawatts of electricity.