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After A Year Of Study, Twin Probes Crash Into Moon

Dec 17, 2012

At about 5:30 p.m. on Monday, two washing machine-sized space probes crashed into the surface of the moon. It was all by design and marked the end of NASA's GRAIL mission. The two probes had been orbiting the moon for almost a year, and they've sent back data that have given scientists an unprecedented look inside our nearest solar system neighbor.

What do Jesuit priests, gin and tonics, and ancient Chinese scrolls have in common? They all show up in our animated history of malaria.

It's a story of geopolitical struggles, traditional medicine, and above all, a war of escalation between scientists and a tiny parasite. Malaria has proved to be a wily foe: Every time we think we have it backed into a corner, it somehow escapes.

LaShawna Samuel / KRCU

A St. Francis Medical Center surgeon played a key role in saving a man that was trapped in an Advance, Missouri grain elevator on Thursday.

Counting Bugs In Panama? Get Out Your Tree Raft

Dec 14, 2012

There are more species of insects than pretty much anything else in the world. And scientists know there are millions they haven't even identified yet. Now, in a tropical rainforest in Panama, a multinational team of scientists has just completed the first ever insect census.

Scott Miller, an entomologist at the Smithsonian who worked on the Panama, shows off one of the species from the survey that's at the National Museum of Natural History's insect zoo in Washington, D.C.

Study: Missouri Among Least Healthy States

Dec 13, 2012
United Health Foundation

Missouri is one of the least healthy states, according to a new report by the American Public Health Association and the United Health Foundation.The Show Me State ranked 42nd.

Missouri has a high smoking rate, a sedentary lifestyle, an expanding waistline, low public health care spending and low immunization coverage.

That’s why the United Health Foundation ranked Missouri as one of the most unhealthy states.