Southeast Missouri State University

High school singers are descending on the River Campus on Friday, October 20 and the result is a free concert you’ll want to take advantage of.

The Cape Girardeau Municipal Band was first formed in 1900. The group was originally called "Schuchert's Cornet Band."
Southeast Missouri State University

It seems like Almost Yesterday that a group of young men in Cape Girardeau, Missouri decided to start a band. Under the leadership of Captain C. F. Schuchert, twelve young men who were musically inclined – and had instruments - came together and became a popular group, performing at parades, picnics and public events. In their first years they were identified as “Schuchert’s Cornet Band.”

In 1910 Captain Schuchert’s son, Clarence, assumed leadership of the band and changed the name to “Schuchert’s Concert Band.”

Perhaps you've noticed the recent newspaper ads for something called the "vinegar diet," which promises that you can lose weight without cutting calories or going hungry. The hitch is you have to drink vinegar several times daily. I haven't tried the regimen but I suspect it would sour me even further on dieting. Unless, however, I could substitute that most un-vinegar-like of vinegars, the balsamic variety.

Cape Visitors Bureau

Marilyn Kinsella will tell spooky tales around the bonfire at Bollinger Mill State Historic Sites’ Halloween Storytelling, on Friday, Ocotber 20 at 7:00 p.m..

Cape Chamber

Missouri Department of Economic Development Acting Director, Rob Dixon, spoke at the Cape Chamber's First Friday Coffee on Friday, October 6, 2017.

Acting Director Dixon shared several key things the Department has planned, perhaps the most important being geared toward existing businesses.