Behold, the new Alice Glass video. 

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Southeast Athletics

Southeast Missouri men’s basketball team added guard Oscar Kao to its 2018-19 roster this week.

"Oscar is a tough, skilled guard who will be a benefit to our team immediately," said Southeast head coach Rick Ray. "He can shoot the ball and make plays for others because of his knowledge of how to manipulate ball screens. Oscar has always dreamed of coming to the United States to play college basketball and we are very happy and fortunate that he gets to continue his dream here at SEMO."

City of Perryville

The city of Perryville is in need of a new sewer plant, city officials say. They’re looking to replace their existing 40-year-old plant through three ballot initiatives during the August 7 election, which will ask voters to consider renewing taxes that helped pay for a water plant 20 years ago.

City administrator Brent Buerck says the current sewer plant has reached the end of its useful life and with recent job, housing, and commercial growth in the city, a new plant is necessary.

flickr user John Flannery (

When people think of ticks, the next thing they usually think of is Lyme Disease. But did you know ticks are responsible for over fifteen different human diseases in the United States?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ticks spread the pathogens that cause disease through the feeding process, when small amounts of their saliva enter their host.

Raelenna Ferguson/One City

On today's episode of Going Public, we speak with Raelenna Ferguson, co-founder of the local nonprofit, One City. They just released plans for a community mural that will be featured on an outdoor wall of their headquarters here in Cape Girardeau.