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It seems like almost yesterday that “the Father of American Physical culture” was born. He was the predecessor of Charles Atlas and a number of individuals who emphasized body building and nutrition as the keys to long and healthy life.

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Last night, the Cape Girardeau Neighborhood Development Initiative held a community meeting at Shawnee Park Center to improve Cape Girardeau’s Southside. Residents brainstormed and gave feedback to city officials and the non-profit organization, Authentic Voices, on their experiences living in Ward 2, and what changes they want to see.


South Cape resident Shelly Moore said she wants Cape Girardeau to become one, especially for the well-being of the youth.


Department of Athletics

The Redhawks softball and tennis teams are off to hot starts this spring season.

Reel Talk: "Get Out" Review

Mar 16, 2017
Shane Burke

In this episode of Reel Talk, Collin and Peter discuss the directorial debut of Jordan Peele's film, "Get Out." The film is a thriller about a black man going to his white girlfriends parents house and shows the strange events happening in their home. You can hear more on this premise and how the film is in this week's edition of Reel Talk. We'll see you at the movies. 

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Remember when the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz sang about how wonderful life would be if he only had a brain? Most of us, ironically, don’t give a lot of thought to our brains.

It’s Brain Awareness Week.

Oh, sure, you might be aware that you have a brain, but the purpose of this global campaign is to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. According to The Society for Neuroscience, the human brain is a spongy three pound mass of tissue and the most complex living structure in the known universe.