Candice Davis

Host - Discover Nature

Candice Davis is the host of Discover Nature on KRCU and a media specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Her goal is to help people to discover nature and learn to appreciate the many outdoor opportunities Missouri has to offer. Candice knows that people who spend time in the outdoors are generally less stressed, more thankful, healthier and more successful in life. Children who spend time outdoors have better grades and are more physically active. It’s Candice’s goal to inspire Missourians to discover nature in their everyday lives through stories of butterflies, elk, tupelo trees, alligator gar and other marvels of nature on KRCU’s Discover Nature program.

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Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

December 13 - December 19

Discover Nature this week as you learn to identify the Christmas fern in Missouri’s landscape.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, Christmas ferns will be most visible on woodland slopes this week.  Most ferns are annual in Missouri, though the Christmas fern overwinters and adds color to our winter season.

Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

December 6 - December 12

Discover Nature this week as Missouri’s wildlife den up or hibernate to avoid the cold.

Winter is a challenge for wildlife and many species have various methods of surviving the cold.

Some animals leave the state and don’t come back until spring. Others find sheltered dens and sleep until spring. Some remain in Missouri and stay active through the winter, but they still have specials ways of handling the cold weather.

Great Horned Owl

Nov 26, 2017
Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

November 29 - December 5

Discover Nature this week as Great Horned Owls begin to court. These large, nocturnal birds occur in deep forests, open areas with small woodlots and sometimes in urban areas.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, Great Horned Owls initiate nesting earlier in the year than any other Missouri native bird.

Discover Nature this week and your Thanksgiving turkey.

Chances are a turkey will land on your table this week -- a bird simmered in American tradition. The turkey was once so common in America and so well liked, that when United States officials were deciding on a national mascot there was much deliberation between the bald eagle and the turkey.

Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

November 15 - November 21

Discover nature this week by making something that will keep you discovering nature all winter long – a bird feeder.

According to a Missouri Department of Conservation survey, one and a half million Missourians enjoy bird feeding. Even on the dreariest winter day, watching the freedom and brilliant feathers of a bird in flight or their interactions as they enjoy a meal of sunflower seeds in your back yard can lift a foggy mood.