Jason Brown

Operations Director

Jason is a bit of a public radio junkie, and eavesdrops on stations all over North America. His favorite program is RadioLab, and he sometimes ignores his family, severe weather, and basic traffic laws while listening to it. He thinks he reads more than most people, but concedes that’s not saying much. He enjoys working in public radio because he likes discovering new music and having access to what’s happening now. He lives with two dogs, who are relentless hug-beasts. 

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j. carl brown / KRCU

This week we'll hear new music from The Prids. Originally from Saint Joseph, MO and based out of Portland, Oregon since 1999, the band are set to release their fourth album after a harrowing setback. Just before recording Do I Look Like I’m In Love? Singer and bass player Mistina La Fave was hospitalized for suffering a brain hemorrhage. She’s well now and that album is finally seeing its release. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

This week we hear from the Algerian Tuareg rock band Imarhan. We’ll also hear from Panduranga Henderson, who put out spiritual music under the tutelage of Alice Coltrane, plus new music from Wild Child, Dream Wife and more. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

This week there are some more non-traditional holiday songs to feature, including one from the Seattle indie rock trio Dude York with a song about that awkward moment when you run into your ex during the holidays. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

Holiday songs are beginning to trickle in and it's not all so bad. Case in point are a couple of new recordings featured on Amazon Music's "Indie for the Holidays" playlist. Charly Bliss takes on the Mariah Carey staple "All I Want for Christmas is You," and singer Eva Grace Hendricks sounds like she means it. Best Coast offer a breezy rendition of the Beach Boys "Little Saint Nick," and Kelly Hogan touches on the more melancholy moods of the holiday with a rendition of George Morgan's "Blue Snowfall." 

Courtesy of the artists.

I always find end of year lists to be fun, and I find it useful to focus my listening options down to something manageable. This year on the show I've played new music from over 200 albums, and one of the records on this year's list is one I've not yet played, which is to say I come across an enormous amount of music over a year's time. I'm not unique in this; surely as more listeners utilize streaming services the volume of their listening is massive as well.