Jason Brown

Operations Director

Jason is a bit of a public radio junkie, and eavesdrops on stations all over North America. His favorite program is RadioLab, and he sometimes ignores his family, severe weather, and basic traffic laws while listening to it. He thinks he reads more than most people, but concedes that’s not saying much. He enjoys working in public radio because he likes discovering new music and having access to what’s happening now. He lives with two dogs, who are relentless hug-beasts. 

Ways to Connect

Doug E Rees

The album's titled Nature Boy and that's the name of the track that kicks it off.  In it Jackson, MO singer/songwriter Doug Rees reveres all of nature: even an ugly old opossum.

Real people show up throughout his writing, including his sister who was on hand to dance during her namesake song "Penny Sue" at the album release party.

"Mr. Brakeman" is a tribute to Jimmie Rodgers, and Rees said he was inspired by a radio story he heard about the way Rodgers touched lives across racial boundaries during his life.

Jump Starts

Jump Starts is a duo of friends who’ve been a band for only three years, and they are already on their second album. What Hides Inside is a concise and playful run through the pleasant sounds of indie rock.

The St. Louis band is a side project featuring Justin Johnson of Pretty Little Empire and Sara Ross of the now defunct Paper Dolls. It feels casual, sunny, like it’s intended to be enjoyed, rather than facilitate mopiness, despite the fact that lyrically it deals with lovelorn souls and wanderlust.  


Julia Holter studied composition at the California Institute of the Arts and grabbed the attention of a number of avant music-enthusiasts, including the ever-exploring Lars Gottrich of NPR Music, with her 2011 debut titled Tragedy.

Stones Throw

In 2006 J Dilla released Donuts, a staple of underground hip hop and a crowning achievement of west coast left-field label Stones Throw. This week it’s been reissued as a box set of eight 7-inch 45’s, in other words it’s literally a box of donuts. 

Karate Body Records

The latest EP by Louisville-based band Wax Fang is titled “Mirror, Mirror” and singer/guitarist Scott Carney says having just read a collection of short stories by the Argentine magical realist author Jorge Luis Borges influenced the themes explored on it.

“He was not a fan of mirrors,” Carney said. “He was afraid of them or something, because they multiplied people.”