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Lindsey is a student at Southeast Missouri State University, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a minor in Mass Communication. She spends her time discovering new music, strolling about Cape Girardeau’s antique shops, gardening, and painting. You can see her perform with the Jazz ensembles at Southeast’s River Campus. Au fait with everything Pixar, animated movies and movie scores, Lindsey’s dream career is to be a voice actor, yet as she awaits her big break, she hopes to snatch a job in radio journalism and on-air hosting as a young adult. Or for the rest of her life.

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Last year, SoutheastHEALTH Ambassadors, a volunteer board for the SoutheastHEALTH Foundation, collaborated with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department to raise money for heart health awareness. They covered the cost of scales and pedometers for heart patients last year through Southeast Hospital’s Heartstrong Fund.

This year, they raised money to distribute 10 automated external defibrillators and CPR kits to non-profits.

Courtesy of: Officer Richard McCall/Cape Girardeau Police Department

The Cape Girardeau Police Department recently added Dallas, a new K9 officer to its force. He completed an 8-week training program with his handler, officer Eric Steiner, and started patrol last week. The two will continue maintenance training once a week to keep up with their certification.

Public information officer Richard McCall says Dallas is filling the role of recently retired K9, Reno, and they’re looking to do the same for K9 Shupa.


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department celebrated National Running Day and a postponed Bike to Work and School Day, due to inclement weather on the planned date in May. They hosted a 5K, a 1 mile fun run, Zumba activities, and invited bikers to join in Caphaha Park. 

The Asphalt Overlay Program, one of Cape Girardeau’s street maintenance programs, is expected to begin this month and run through October. The Transportation Trust Fund program, which is approved by voters every 5 years since 1990, uses revenue to lay new streets, and maintain existing streets in the city.

Cape Girardeau City engineer Casey Brunke assures the streets won’t be closed for an extended period of time.


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The Cape Girardeau City Council passed a tax increment financing incentive, also known as a TIF incentive, on a downtown building renovation project Monday. Two buildings are involved with the project, which comprise 1 North Main Street.


Jason Coalter with Centurion Development says a new farm-to-table style restaurant, an event center and a covered rooftop pavilion could potentially fill the space, which still houses original hardwood floors and 100 year old brick.