Lindsey Grojean

Host - KRCU Morning Edition, Producer

Lindsey is a student at Southeast Missouri State University, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a minor in Mass Communication. She spends her time discovering new music, strolling about Cape Girardeau’s antique shops, and gardening. You can see her perform with the Jazz ensembles at Southeast’s River Campus. Lindsey’s dream career is to be a voice actress. As she awaits her big break, she hopes to retain jobs in on-air hosting, DJ-ing, and performing as a young adult. Or for the rest of her life.

City of Perryville

The city of Perryville is in need of a new sewer plant, city officials say. They’re looking to replace their existing 40-year-old plant through three ballot initiatives during the August 7 election, which will ask voters to consider renewing taxes that helped pay for a water plant 20 years ago.

City administrator Brent Buerck says the current sewer plant has reached the end of its useful life and with recent job, housing, and commercial growth in the city, a new plant is necessary.

Raelenna Ferguson/One City

On today's episode of Going Public, we speak with Raelenna Ferguson, co-founder of the local nonprofit, One City. They just released plans for a community mural that will be featured on an outdoor wall of their headquarters here in Cape Girardeau. 

Myriah Miller/PFLAG

On today's episode of Going Public, we spoke with Myriah Miller. She's the communications specialist for PFLAG, a nationwide LGBT advocacy group that will be coming out to Cape Girardeau in August. 

The group's kickoff event will take place at Christ Episcopal Church in Cape Girardeau on Aug. 25 from 1-3 p.m. Their first support group will take place Sept. 16 at 3 p.m. at the same location. 

For more infromation on PFLAG, visit:

Crissy Mayberry

The non-profit foster care organization, Hope Children's Home has announced a temporary suspension in their facility’s operations. The suspension comes as a way for the home to refocus their attention on their original purpose as an emergency placement shelter for foster children in the area after years of shifting away from this purpose.

Crissy Mayberry, executive director of Hope for One More, the parent organization of the Children's Home, says there’s never a good time to make changes such as these, but change is necessary for growth.