2017 Fall Drive Highlights: Dr. Chris Goeke Performs A KRCU Jingle On Accordion For Caffe Concerto

Oct 12, 2017

Dr. Christopher Goeke, Professor of Music in Applied Voice, Opera, and Vocal Literature at Southeast Missouri State University, brought in his accordion this week for the pledge drive during one of our music shows, Caffe Concerto. Dr. Goeke has been playing the accordion for several years after becoming interested in the instrument while visiting his daughter, who was studying abroad in the Netherlands. There, he stumbled upon a concert of accordion players performing classical music. Vocal music is Dr. Goeke's forte, but here, he combines his lovely tenor voice, and his new hobby instrument, the accordion, to bring us a little jingle for the KRCU Fund Drive. The tune exists by Plamer Hughes, and Dr. Goeke adapted his own lyrics for the occasion.