2017 Fall Drive Highlights: Dr. Gabrielle Baffoni Performs "New York Counterpoint" During Fresh Air

Oct 11, 2017

Dr. Gabrielle Baffoni performs "New York Counterpoint" during Fresh Air.
Credit Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Dr. Gabrielle Baffoni, Professor of Single Reeds at Southeast Missouri State University, performed the last movement of Steve Reich's "New York Counterpoint" during Fresh Air on KRCU. It's a minimalist piece for a single clarinet and tape, on which many clarinet parts are recorded on top of eachother, creating the audio illusion of an ensemble. Since we're radio and we only offer the medium of audio, we must explain that there is no ensemble. Dr. Baffoni recorded the 10 other parts of the piece herself in multiple hours-long sessions, and performed the solo line live. She's been wanting to perform it since she was an undergrad, which was the same time in her life she was introduced to NPR. She's trying to get as many performances out of "New York Counterpoint" that she can, and we're happy to have it archived here at KRCU.