AT&T Announces New Jobs for Cape Area

Aug 27, 2017

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, AT&T made a significant announcement about jobs in Cape Girardeau.

Let’s hear some highlights of the announcement from John Sondag, President of AT&T Missouri. 

"It was about a year ago, July, that we were here to announce a major fiber deployment that's really created a Cape-Jackson fiber corridor. And that's resulted in a lot of growth bringing one gigabit service to a lot of the businesses int that corridor and really helped some of those businesses to grow as well.

We're committed not only to Cape Girardeau and the Bootheel but the entire State of Missouri. In the past three years we've invested about $1.8 billion in our various wireless and wireline networks throughout the state. And even with that, it's tough to keep up with the demand. But you know, those investments help generate a lot of jobs for those businesses which is great but you know it's also very good and important for us because it also create jobs for AT&T and that's really why I'm very excited to be here today. We are announcing that we're recruiting to hire more than 250 new employees in the State of Missouri with 150 of those jobs here in the Cape Girardeau area." - John Sondag, President of AT&T Missouri

 AT&T is a strong company that has competitive compensation. Our local call center serves several states, AT&T could have put these jobs anywhere, but they chose here and that is a big deal for Cape. As a matter of fact, economic modeling shows that these jobs will add nearly 25 additional jobs throughout the community and result in around six and a half million dollars in new earnings…that’s new money being injected into our local economy. AT&T deserves a big thank you for investing in our community.