Benevolent Tax Credits Passes Mo. House

Feb 7, 2013

Legislation that would revive three benevolent tax credits that died last year has been passed by the Missouri House. The bill would restore incentives for food pantries, crisis pregnancy centers and the Children in Crisis program.  

The sponsor, Republican Eric Burlison of Springfield, said aiding these charities through tax credits also encourages personal involvement.

“You’re engaging citizens in the community who get involved and really care about these issues,” Burlison said. “I think the flawed way of handling those needs is to have taxes funneled through and politicians fight over them, and then hope that bureaucrats handle the needs in a good way.”

The measure passed with strong bipartisan support.  However, there were a couple of dissenters who have a problem with incentives going to crisis pregnancy centers.

Democrats Judy Morgan of Kansas City and Stacey Newman of St. Louis County cast the only “no” votes.  Newman said the pregnancy centers in question are operated by anti-abortion groups that are spreading false information about the issue.

“I’m not opposed to their providing women with alternatives. At the same time, if women are obtaining ultrasounds or any other medical information, it needs to be factual and we’re not convinced that they are,” Newman said.

The bill now goes to the Missouri Senate.