"Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" at the River Campus

Nov 21, 2017

When rock and roll was born, its stars were bright. So bright, they still shine long after they’re gone.

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story tells the story of Buddy Holly through his short yet spectacular career. If you think it’s a tale you’ve heard before, you’re missing the point. The show captures the dawn of an era and more than two-dozen of rock’s best songs that send audiences out of the theatre on an unstoppable high according to The Boston Globe.

More than the music and the tragic tale of the singer’s demise, Buddy is also a love story. Buddy proposed to his wife after a courtship of all of five hours, and his widow Maria Santiago says they truly knew instantly. Tickets are on sale now at RiverCampus.org. And, don’t worry, if you need to dance in the aisles, there will be know judgment. I’m Ellen Farrow, and I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!