UP To Build $21M Railroad Line Near Bell City

Mar 21, 2013

Union Pacific Railroad is investing $21 million into its railroad tracks near Bell City, in Stoddard County.

The nine mile track will help relieve congested rail traffic.

Union Pacific spokesman Mark Davis says adding a second track is similar to turning a two-lane road into a four-lane highway.

“When you come up on someone going slower, to go around them, you go over in that fast lane,” Davis said. “That would be about the same scenario as going into a side track. A four lane or an interstate would be both sides of the highway can continue to go at the same speed.”

Union Pacific Railroad spokesman Mark Davis says about 43 trains pass through Bell City each day.

“That is just enough to create a little bit of bottleneck in the area. For us, it enables us to move the traffic a little bit better through there,” Davis said.

Construction began earlier this month and should be complete in October. In a press release, Union Pacific said the rail line will support traffic growth, improve train operating efficiency, increase capacity and enhance safety.