Burglars Hit Cape Girardeau Church

Jul 8, 2013

A Cape Girardeau church has been burglarized three times since late May. The Westminster Presbyterian Church was burglarized on May 29. Thieves stole two televisions and a Blu Ray player.

Those items were replaced and still in their boxes when the thieves returned on June 24. They took the brand new equipment, as well as a computer and fax machine. They also damaged two internal doors.

Reverend Karen Dumey said the thieves came back this Sunday night.

“Once again we cannot tell where they’re coming in, but once again they broke into both church offices,” Dumey said. “Unfortunately for them, I guess, we had not replaced anything, so they had nothing to steal from us again. So I guess that’s the good news of the story."

Dumey said this is the first time the church had been robbed during her five years at Westminster. She is now changing all the locks and adding a security system. The stolen items amount to over $1,000 and they caused $500 in damages. 

“So once the dust settles, we will probably be out an additional six or seven thousand dollars. For a micro-congregation like Westminster, that’s a devastating blow,” Dumey said. “That’s a lot of money for us.”

About 60 to 65 people attend the church.

A Cape Girardeau police spokesperson said church burglaries are not unheard of, but are relatively rare. The first two incidents are under investigation.