Cape PD Forms Direct Results Team

Apr 3, 2013

The Cape Girardeau Police Department announced the formation of a five-officer “Direct Results Team” on Wednesday.

Unlike other officers, this team will not respond to service calls.

Interim police chief Roger Fields says they will be focus on specific duties each day or week, and their time won’t be consumed by service calls.

“These guys, without having obligating time, we can put them in a certain area, or we can have them take care of particular assignments without having those time constraints.”

Fields says that’s what distinguishes this team from other officers.

“The whole purpose of the Direct Results Team is they take direction almost on a daily basis. Myself and other staff members will get together and we’ll decide on what specific items they need to address on that day or for that week or whatever,” Fields said. “We’re leaving their time unobligated to allow them the freedoms to investigate these items.”

Two direct results officers are working on alcohol enforcement operations now, like bar walkthroughs and vendor compliance checks.

They could also be assigned, for example, to search for a subject who is suspected in a string of burglaries or muggings.