Commander Premier Is Moving Out

Apr 30, 2014

After two years things are finally moving for the bankruptcy case involving Commander Premier Aircraft Corp. at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. The former small plane business is beginning the process of moving items out of their former hanger.  

In 2011 the city evicted Commander from a 52,000-square-foot hangar at the airport after Commander failed to make lease payments going back to 2007. Soon after the eviction Premier filled for bankruptcy in Texas and ever since the hanger has been unavailable for use.

The city hopes to have all items removed from the hanger prior to next month’s airshow. For City Manager Scott Meyer the process has been slow, but he believes it may soon becoming to an end.

“We certainly have anticipated that the hanger would be used for the air show and I believe that will be the case. There may still be a few items left, but for the most part we think that a good portion of their assets will be gone,” Meyers said.

The city air show will be held May 17 through 18.