"Dracula" Opening at the River Campus on Halloween

Oct 24, 2017

Dracula: “I want your fear. For your fear … like a current … rushes through your body.”

Opening this Halloween, "Dracula" on stage at the River Campus. This adaptation follows Bram Stoker’s novel closely, presenting a play rich with humor and lots of horror. Director Kenn Stilson of the Conservatory of Theatre and Dance says it has provided roles that actors, well, ahem, can sink their teeth into. 

"Well, it's the most logical show we could do. Why Dracula? It's Halloween. We open on Halloween night and Dracula is the most iconic of all the horror stories. Dracula is it and so what I would be asking is why not do Dracula every single year but we don't so you gotta come and see this version of it."

 Taking the helm as the title character, the wickedly seductive Count Dracula is Southeast junior Ryan Adolphe who was both excited and terrified about his new evil alter ego. 

"I think one of the things that I like most about portraying Dracula is that he's complex in that there are so many different sides to him. There's the side that is intriguing and charming and interesting but then there's also the villainous side which is a big part of him. He's like he's the king of an empire and anyone that betrays him he sees as treason. I feel like that is kind of at the root of a lot of his perceived cruelty."

 "Dracula" opens Halloween night and runs through November 5. Tickets and more available at RiverCampus.org. I hope to see you soon at the Box Office.