"Fall for Dance" at Southeast's River Campus

Nov 8, 2017

They happen every semester, yet, you may never have seen one. And, we’re here to say that must stop now.

The Conservatory of Theatre and Dance performs two major dance concerts each semester. And, unlike their musical and play counterparts, the dance concerts are a little more of a mystery to the audience. Whereas play titles let the audiences know what’s in store, Fall for Dance and Spring into Dance give little more clue other than, well, dance. That’s because the programs feature a wide variety of styles, songs, costumes and choreography. If you’re thinking, a dance concert isn’t for me, I’m telling you, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Dancers and choreographers work throughout the semester to perfect nearly a dozen pieces performing anything from contemporary to the classical, the latter of which faculty member and choreographer Alyssa Alger says is key for students. 

"For Fall for Dance we like to set several different works, a lot of original choregraphy is being set and one thing that we find really pertinent to our dancer's training is giving them the classical repertoire from the ballet realm."

 If the classical is not your cup of tea, it’s just one of many performances to take the stage. And, Alger says seeing all the work come to fruition is more than worth the price of admission. 

"At the end of the day, for me point blank, I just want to see them enjoying and performing it. So, we put all of that work in in the studio and we're grinding our teeth and we're pushing through and then on the stage, that's your chance to fly and release and enjoy it and it only happens once."

 Except you’ll have the opportunity to see Fall for Dance November 15-19. For tickets and more, visit RiverCampus.org. I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!