Gas Prices Continue To Drop Across Missouri

Nov 14, 2012

On Tuesday the state averaged $3.12 per gallon, third lowest average in the country, behind South Carolina and Oklahoma.

At some locations in Cape Girardeau, gas was as low as 3.08,  and some St. Louis gas stations in are selling gasoline for less than three bucks.
Prices at the pump have fallen by 45 cents in the last month. Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says gas prices are dropping across the county because demand wanes during cooler months.

“Now that we are out of summer, demand tends to drop,” DeHaan said. “That allows supply to build and prices typically ebb. We also see prices go down in the cooler month because we switch back to cheaper winter gasoline, which doesn’t necessarily have to meet the same stringent air pollution standards. So there’s also cost saving from that.”

DeHaan says the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday should have little impact on gas prices.

“The holiday itself really doesn’t have any sort of relevance when it comes to gas prices. There may be other factors that could cause gas prices to go up or down in close proximity to the holiday, but the holiday itself really has no relevance in gas prices,” DeHann said.

A gallon of gas cost about 4 cents less today that it did a year ago.