Great Places to See Art at Southeast

Sep 5, 2017

Think date night entertainment is expensive? You take care of dinner and the babysitter, the River Campus has you covered on activities.

Did you know there are three great places to view art on campus? The Crisp Museum, River Campus Art Gallery and Catapult Creative House all have regular exhibitions featuring local, regional, national or even international artists. In September, you can see two exhibitions at the Crisp Museum designed to provide thought-provoking works. "Reconstructed/Reconceptualized" and "Transitions Spaces" both opened last weekend, and Museum Director Peter Nguyen says the discussions that spring forth from viewing shouldn’t be missed. 

"Reconstructed" includes abstract paintings and cubist banjo-like sculptural wood constructions. The artwork provides viewers the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the connection, contribution and influence of African Americans on American society and culture. Likewise, "Transitions Spaces" includes paintings and drawings with subjects like combating violence, enforcing civil rights and working against oppression. The pieces in both exhibitions work together as a whole and I’m really drawn to each one for the dialogue they provide when viewing."

 At the River Campus Art Gallery you can take in "Road Trip," paintings and drawings by William H. Thielen. At Catapult, "Convergentes"unites the cities of Leon, Mexico and Cape Girardeau, Missouri, through the medium of print with three visiting artists. Professor Joni Hand says the exhibition itself is just one of several events planned. 

"The artists have been wonderful in attending classes and visiting with students. Before the exhibition closes at the end of the month, we’re still planning a music concert with Latin American songs as well as a dance ensemble performance. We hope to continue the relationships next year with a contingency of faculty and students traveling to Mexico to create, collaborate, and share through visual arts."

 This is just a sampling with more information on those events and additional entertainment possibilities at I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!