The Impact of the SEMO District Fair on the Region

Sep 10, 2017

It's fair week in Cape Girardeau! This marks the 162 Annual SEMO District Fair.

SEMO District Fair Board Representative Darrell Aufdenburg shares some thoughts about how the fair impacts our region at the Cape Chamber's First Friday Coffee held on Friday, September 8, 2017, at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau. 

"Annual revenue from all of this is $1.3 - $1.5 million. $800,000 moves around the area before leaving; $500,000 probably leaves with the carinvals and vendors. [If you] figure a multiplier between four and seven, let's use five, that's a $4 million impact for our area.

- 18% of fair attendees are under age 12
- 35% are between 12-25 years old
- 25% are between 26-50 years old
- 21% are 50+

We have a direct impact with a lot of volunteers. We make donations to 15+ volunteers groups of $25,000 or more each year. If we didn't have these people and organizations helping us, we wouldn't be able to man it. We have to have people at the gates, people to help park -- Teen Challenge, they're a big help for us over that week, and do a great job...great job.

Annual sales tax collected is probably $39,000+. We draw from over six states...not a real scientific way to figure that out. We see license plates, we see area codes from phone calls. We seem them from all over the country showing up for our fair."

 The SEMO District Fair truly has an incredible impact on Cape Girardeau and the surrounding area.