Indoor Play Options for Kids During Winter in Cape Girardeau

Feb 5, 2018

Playgrounds are icy, Cape Splash's swimming pools are filled with snow instead of aqua water, and your kids are cooped up and have energy to spare - it’s wintertime in Cape Girardeau! Here are some indoor spots where your kids can burn off those wiggles during wintry weather when outside just isn't an option.

Discovery Playhouse is an indoor children's museum with two floors of activities for kids who are creative, active, mechanical and everything in between. The first floor has a sunny area set aside for babies with age appropriate toys and play structures, a fire station with a slide, a hospital "nursery," "bank," and "grocery store". Upstairs, older kids can create in the Tinkerer's spot or art studio, get that excess energy out of their system on the Ninja Warrior obstacle course, watch a starry sky in the Planetarium or put on a show on the stage. There's enough to do here to fill up a whole day.

Step inside and say hello again to Mother Nature - the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center has the uncanny ability to bring the outdoors in, perfect when you've been cooped up inside thanks to the weather! Aquariums full of species native to the area, "please touch" drawers, buttons that light up swamp exhibits, trace-the-animal-track coloring stations give kids lots to do while they learn about nature from the warmth of the nature center.

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