Invest in Trees

Feb 18, 2018

Discover Nature this week as you discover the diverse value of our native trees.

"As strong as an oak."

It's a saying that's spanned generations. Traditionally, we associate oaks and other trees with children's tree houses and as food and shelter for wildlife. But have you ever considered trees as a valuable tool for your financial portfolio?

As Missouri State Forester Lisa Allen put it, "healthy forests don't just happen, they have to be managed." Part of managing a forest includes harvest and regeneration. By investing in timber you could be taking advantage of a renewable, sustainable resource and support conservation efforts at the same time.

The USDA Forest service projects that by the year 2050, consumption of forest projects in the U.S. will increase by 69%. In Missouri alone, nearly 2,500 firms are involved in logging and woods products manufacturing, employing more than 47,000 people and contributing $9.6 billion to Missouri's economy.

This means that an investment in timber could be a good way to grow your portfolio over the long haul.

Management of oaks and other trees is vitally important to wildlife, as many insects and animals seek out the trees for food and shelter. Investing in forests as a renewable resource will ensure [that] these creatures will be around for future generations.  

To manage an investment in timber for the best return, to build wildlife and humans, there must be a strong partnership between a forester, a land owner, and a professional logger. 

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