Left Of The Dial #109 - We'd Like To Publish Zines

May 6, 2016

Radiohead seem not to be content with simply reinventing music itself, but to also leave a profound impact on how music is distributed. In 2007 when the band released In Rainbows as a pay-what-you-want release, their profile was enough to refer to that kind of release thereafter as "The Radiohead Model." After the bend send out a direct mailing of leaflets, scrubbed their social media blank, and unrolled tiny stop-motion snippets of video, we now know that a new Radiohead album, that is at the time of this posting without a title, will be released on Sunday, May 8th. 

White Lung has expanded their sonic palette on their latest album, Paradise, and have done so without diminishing the passion and edge from their earlier, more hardcore sounds. Stereogum as a great profile of the band, which you can read here

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