Left Of The Dial #509 - The Airwaves That I Breathe

Jan 11, 2018

This week we'll hear new music from The Prids. Originally from Saint Joseph, MO and based out of Portland, Oregon since 1999, the band are set to release their fourth album after a harrowing setback. Just before recording Do I Look Like I’m In Love? Singer and bass player Mistina La Fave was hospitalized for suffering a brain hemorrhage. She’s well now and that album is finally seeing its release. 

We'll also hear new music from the pop-music genius David Byrne. He announced his album via his online lecture series called “Reasons to be Cheerful.” As that name implies Byrne is finding optimism in the current environment, and is channeling that hope into a record called American Utopia

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Thanks, Pete, for the Apple Music playlist!