Let's Talk Business: Have you tried a food truck?

Jul 2, 2017

As a kid, I never imagined I would eat food served from the back of a truck, but not only is that now a reality, the food is delicious!

Food trucks are not a terribly recent phenomenon. From chuck wagons of the 1860s, to portable hot dog carts and ice cream trucks, the U.S. has a rich history of selling food out of a mobile structure. In more recent history, food trucks were known as Roach Coaches or Gut Trucks and served construction sites, factories and other places where many blue-collar workers were gathered.

The modern food truck trend really took shape in the last decade and has spread throughout the U.S. Instead of serving as just a cheap meal, food trucks now offer quality, even gourmet, food for all types of individuals.

Cape has recently seen the emergence of several food trucks adding a lot of value to our community. On various days you can find Hinkebein Hills Farm, Dexter Queen, Two Sides Grillin, Melting Co. and the new BBQLicious food trucks parked somewhere around town. These trucks offer great, affordable food. And I’m sure we will see more come to town in the future. I have talked to additional individuals hoping to launch a truck here in the past couple weeks.

If you haven’t tried a food truck yet, it’s an experience worth having. You can find one around Cape by watching their social media for schedules or just keeping a look out while you drive around.

In other local news, we will be cutting the ribbon on some new homes at Chateau Girardeau on Thursday, July 6.