"In Like a Lion": Jackson Civic Center Tornado Safe Room Open During March Storm Season

Mar 13, 2017


Jackson Civic Center.
Credit City of Jackson

March weather is making its way through the Midwest, leaving residents to plan for their safety. If you’re worried about where to go during a severe storm, a tornado safe room in Jackson is there to help.


Constructed in 2016, the Jackson Civic Center tornado safe room is designed to hold 1,190 people and to withstand an EF-5 blast of wind, approximately 250 mph. Jackson Parks and Recreation director Shane Anderson says that when a tornado watch is issued, the safe room is opened and available to the public.


Shane says, “Anybody coming in, I would say bring something comfortable. If you have prescription glasses or medicine, make sure you bring that with you. You’ll need that if you’re planning on staying for extended stay.”


The safe room will remain open until the National Weather Service has canceled warnings and watches. Weather status updates are available at the city’s website, jacksonmo.org and on their Facebook page.

FEMA Regulations: No pets, with the exception of service animals, are allowed. Nonprescription drugs, alcohol, and weapons are prohibited.

Safe Room Address: Jackson Civic Center, 381 East Deerwood Drive