Minglewood Brewery Set To Open In Downtown Cape Girardeau Late This Summer

May 5, 2014

A new microbrewery will open in downtown Cape Girardeau this summer and will provide a large choice of beers and pizzas.

Minglewood Brewery is a start-up craft brewer pub that will be located in the old Keys building at the corner of Broadway and Spanish Street at 121 Broadway. Construction has not started yet but the owners Stuart Matthews and Jeffrey and Alyssa Lage hope the place will be ready for an opening late this summer.

The pub will offer about five staple beers on tap, and each one of them will be year-round. Stuart Matthews said among those will be some kind of house ale, Belgium, IPA, and stout beer.

“We have a twelve tap system so we’ll have those 5 beers and the remaining beers will be just all kind of different fun things,” he explained.

The restaurant part of the pub will open at the same time as the rest of the brewery.

Matthews said there will be artisan pizzas like gourmet veggie pizza, barbecue pizza, and Italian sausage pizza. In addition, there will be salads, open-faced french baguette style sandwiches, and  appetizers likes charcuterie plate, cheese platter and pretzels.

Minglewood Brewery will be a non-smoking establishment. There will be an outdoor smoking area that will seat about 25 people, but the rest of the place will be smoke-free.

According to Matthews, the price range of Minglewood Brewery will be economical. The place’s target market not only includes college students but also “the ever increasing percentage of the population who is discovering the craft brewery world,” Matthew said.

“There is a lot of people who continue to embrace it with open arms,” Matthew said. “It’s a wide range of people that we’ll be trying to target.”

The craft beer industry has been growing lately. Matthews said it has been trending on the coasts and now is making its way to middle America.

“There is over 20, I think, craft breweries up in St. Louis now,” he said.

The owners of Minglewood Brewery saw a void in the local market. Matthews is passionate about craft beer and they decided to bring this type of business to Southeast Missouri.

“We just hope that we can bring some added value to the downtown area, with some quality food and beer,” added Matthews.