Missouri House Speaker Visits Cape Girardeau

Dec 10, 2012

Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones addressed a crowd of approximately fifty people to answer questions about the top issues the House will face this upcoming session.

In his speech, Jones stated economic development, energy, and education reform would be among the first issues the House hopes to tackle.

Among the speaker’s suggestions for economic development are tax and labor reform. Jones used the slogan “cut, cap, and create” to promote new tax reform that would cut red tape for businesses while still keeping in mind the interests of employees.

“We want to work on a smart tax policy, a smart regulatory policy, and good labor laws that are beneficial for employers and employees,” Jones said. “Many, many states are taking on some tough labor reforms and Missouri has not done much in that area over the last few years and it’s put our employers at a disadvantage.”

Jones stressed one of the most important aspects of economic development and job creation is finding ways to “get the government out of the way” of businesses.

Jones also cites health care reform as another top issues the house will face this upcoming session.

According to Jones, the Medicaid expansion supported by Governor Jay Nixon should not be among these reforms.

“We have a healthcare cost problem in this state and the governor has announced a massive Medicaid expansion program which I don’t believe the state can afford,” Jones said. “What we can afford is looking at reforming our Medicaid system. Making it smarter, transforming it, giving Missourians the access they need to lower costs.”

Jones says he and the rest of the House hope to “invite the governor” to sit down and work together more often.