Missouri Sheriffs Want Tougher Regulations To File For Office

Nov 29, 2012

If you are over 21 years old and the resident of your current county for more than a year, you can run for sheriff in Missouri.

Now, some sheriffs, like Kent Oberkrom, Sheriff of Henry County and president of the Missouri Sheriff’s Association, say those qualifications are not stringent enough.

“We think it’s important, with all the things sheriffs do and the leadership they provide for their staff, that they have a good and clear understanding of the law and the procedures before they take office,” Oberkrom said.

He and other sheriffs testified in front of a Missouri House panel earlier this week, asking lawmakers to add more qualifications.

“Much as a judge has a law degree or a prosecutor has to have a law degree, we’re asking the legislature to look at, if you want to be a sheriff, you have to have that valid peace officer license at the time of filing,” Oberkrom said.

He says some sheriffs have been elected and pursue their license while holding office.