Senator McCaskill Ask FAA To Relax Electronic Restrictions

Dec 13, 2012

  Not being able to use an electronic device on a plane is something that annoys everybody who flies, but not every annoyed flyer sits on the Senate committee that presides over aviation policy.It just so happens that Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill does.

McCaskill wrote the Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration this week, telling him that he needs to update what she calls a "dated" and "absurd" policy.

McCaskill's letter says the federal policy seems to reflect an outdated fear of devices that run on electricity.

"We want to make sure the public isn't being subjected to arbitrary rules,” McCaskill said. “Everywhere we can do away with a regulation that makes no sense, I'm on board."

Current policy restricts usage of electronics when planes are below 10,000 feet, a rule McCaskill says lacks scientific basis.

"Right now, you have pilots using iPads in the cockpit,” McCaskill Said. “Clearly if they're using iPads, it seems obvious to me that they aren't in any danger."

McCaskill even threatened to pursue what she referred to as "legislative solutions" if the organization moves too slowly.

McCaskill is a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, which has jurisdiction over aviation policy.