Transportation Sales Tax Passes Senate

Mar 15, 2013

The Missouri Senate has passed legislation that would create a one-cent sales tax to fund transportation needs. There was plenty of opposition voiced before the vote was taken.

Republican Senator John Lamping of St. Louis County opposed the measure. He says it would not only raise taxes, but that special interests stand to make a lot of money if it’s approved.

“If this bill comes to pass, a campaign will begin to convince Missouri citizens to relieve themselves of $8 billion,” Lamping said. “And if but 1% of that 8 billion goes into that campaign, that being $80 million, I would suggest that Missouri citizens start pretty far behind.”

But President Pro-tem and fellow Republican Tom Dempsey strongly defended the proposal.

“As you look at the state of Missouri on a map, we should be a hub for the movement of goods and services. But in order to do that, we have to have an infrastructure system that can accommodate that,” Dempsey said.

The measure passed 24 to 10, with all 10 “no” votes coming from Republicans.  It now goes to the Missouri House, where Speaker Tim Jones is on record as saying he would prefer a plan that does not include a tax hike.