A Winter Hike is Worth Braving the Cold

Jan 15, 2018

Head to Rusted Route Farms this Friday, January 19, for "An Evening with Maggie Rose," an Emmy-winning country pop star. With more than 50 performances at the Grand Ole Opry under her belt, Maggie is one of country music’s rising stars presenting a memorable night out.

This Friday, January 19 and Sunday, January 21, "Cinderella" the opera takes the stage at the River Campus. First performed in 1904, this opera features an enhanced ballroom party scene that the whole family will love.

When you think "hiking in Southeast Missouri," you might think Fall foliage or Spring buds, or even lush summertime greenery, but hiking during the winter months has its own special appeal!  Here are a few reasons why winter hiking is worth braving the cold! First up, peace and quiet - trails are not crowded during the winter. Also - Visibility.  The bare trees enable you to see much more than you can when leaves are on the trees.  I’m amazed at how much of a trail I can see winding up ridges that I’ve never noticed before with leaves blocking the view. Third reason - New friends.  Certain birds visit only in the winter Hike at night to hear owls, who are active breeding and raising their young in the wintertime.  During the winter, animals spend more time foraging for food, so you might see more wildlife than you would at other times of the year. Lastly, winter Tree ID.  Play Sherlock and read the buds, remaining fruit, branch direction, bark and more to spot tree species on your hike.

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